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Walking Holidays in Pays de la Loire

The western province of Pays de la Loire – with its stunning Atlantic coastline, historic cities, elegant buildings and picturesque villages that line the banks of the River Loire – represents all it means to be French. This is a region that offers lots to see and do, whether it’s for travellers in search of natural splendour or those looking for medieval architecture. Walking holidays in Pays de la Loire are gentle thanks to the level terrain, and include plenty to intrigue culture enthusiasts.

Atlantic Coast

Home to one of France’s premier sailing resorts – Les Sable-d’Olonne – the Atlantic Coast of Pay de la Loire is defined by far-reaching stretches of golden, sandy shoreline dotted with lively resorts. As such, a hiking holiday along the magnificent beaches and through the ports and seaside towns is an idyllic experience. Whether it’s to the modern development of the Vendée in the south of the province, or to the historic resort of La Baule with its welcoming restaurants and luxury boutiques, discovering the Loire-Atlantique on foot is as invigorating as it is beguiling.


Capital of the Pays de la Loire, Nantes has a reputation as the region’s major seaport during the 18th century, accumulating substantial wealth which remains apparent to this day in the vibrant heart of the city. From the prestigious architecture of châteaux and cathedrals to the contemporary art and music scenes so prevalent throughout the centre of town, Nantes provides much to discover when setting out on foot. Plus, with a range of bars and restaurants, walkers are never far from a rewarding treat. 

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