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Cycling Holidays in Champagne

An area of charm and sophistication, Champagne is a delight to discover by bike. The multitude of greenways that navigate the landscape ensure a safe and enjoyable tour through rolling fields, endless vineyards, and picture-perfect towns and villages. 

Country lanes

Those taking a cycling holiday in Champagne will criss-cross the region on narrow country lanes, following canals that are edged by magnificent vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. Pedal past vines whose fruit is used to make some of the most prestigious wines in the world, then onto the Champagne houses to sample the most refined of refreshments.

City streets

Culture enthusiasts will enjoy cycling around the major cities of Champagne. Discover the many charms of Reims, such as the Roman Mars Gate and the grand Palace of Tau, or be transported back to the 16th century on a visit to Troyes, where half-timbered houses are a quaint and somewhat nostalgic sight. Cross from town to town and take in the stunning sights, fascinating history, and infectious joie de vivre of this compelling region.

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