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Walking Holidays in the Cevennes

Calm and serene, the Cevennes region and its National Park is a hiker’s paradise, with unspoilt natural scenery stretching as far as the eye can see. As one of the most compelling and picturesque regions in southern France, the uplands form part of the Massif Central and offer dramatic landscapes comprising cascading streams, rocky valleys, and tree-lined hilltops. As a result, walking holidays in the Cevennes are moderately challenging, offering both physical and scenic rewards. 

Welcome tranquillity 

Sparsely populated, the overwhelming appeal of the Cevennes lies in its peace and tranquillity. Whether strolling through granite-hewn towns or tackling plunging valleys, walkers will be struck by the sense of calm that pervades the region and quells the tensions of modern living. Panoramic views stretch far into the distance and picturesque hamlets perch on hilltops, their welcoming characters contrasting the boulder strewn terrain that surrounds them. 

Hilltop discovery

The remote, mountainous location of Cevennes presents plenty of more demanding walking routes for visitors with a passion for adventure. The soaring peak of Mont Lozere in particular offers a tantalising challenge, with its 1,699m elevation – the highest in Cevennes – which can be scaled comfortably by those of moderate fitness and experience. Sparse and rocky as it may be, the mountain is the source of the beautiful River Tam, a sign that there’s more to this hilltop region than meets the eye. Indeed, Mont Lozere encapsulates the entire Cevennes region in microcosm: a region where even remote isolation cannot hinder the flourishing of life.

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