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Claret and the Coast Aquitaine

Claret and the Coast

Wine, pine and sunshine

Claret and the Coast

Renowned for the vineyards that produce Bordeaux wines, this area stretches south from the Dordogne and west to the Atlantic. Cycle through shady forests, beside the Garonne river, past quaint villages and sand dunes on the coast. Indulge your senses with the vine, the pine and the ocean.

This holiday is suitable for families with the option of a tagalong or trailer available.

Belle France are not currently offering this holiday package, however we do offer a number of alternative holidays featuring authentic French experiences in similar terrain.
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Travel agents

If you have a copy of our 2016/17 brochure and are interested in booking this holiday, please contact us to discuss your clients specific requirements.

Route & Location

Customer Reviews Customer ratings via Feefo

4 out of 5 rating based on 2 reviews

  • Service (4/5): Overall we were very happy. The pre-holiday information was detailed and overall the holiday went well. We had a slight problem in that when we arrived at our final hotel we were booked in a double room rather than a twin. The hotel was fully booked so could not change it. We emailed Belle France and the local agent, who had made the booking for the double room. The local agen responded very quickly and managed to arrange a twin room for the second night, putting a bottle of wine in the room for the inconvenience. Unfortunately Belle France did not reply to the email. Whilst the local agent responded very quickly and resolved the problem, we still had one night in a double room and then had to pack again in order to move rooms for the second night. An acknowledgment from Belle France would have been considerate. Other than that we were very pleased.

    4 out of 5

    Product (4/5): Again overall we had a fantastic holiday. However, the first day of cycling (day 2) was far harder then we expected. We specifically chose a holiday rated as easy cycling but were faced with several relatively steep climbs. It took us much longer than expected and we rode for several hours before finding anywhere for a drink or with toilets. Neither of us enjoyed that day and were both worried we had made a big mistake and were not fit enough to complete the holiday. Fortunately, from Day 3 it was like a different holiday and we loved it! We felt there should have been greater clarity about the demands of Day 2 (whilst we could see from the contours on the map it was hilly there were few references in the instructions. It would have been quite easy to provide a shorter easier option). The other major problem was the weight of the bikes. We realise they need to be durable but they were incredibly heavy which made the ride more challenging. The holiday booklet gave detailed directions and route maps which generally were fantastic. There were a few times though where they were a little unclear and we struggled to find the right way, once with almost disastrous consequences! The hotels and b&bs were all lovely and quite different, as was the varied countryside of the route. All in all a very well planned holiday with some lovely accommodation and food.
  • Service (4/5): Friendly and efficient.

    4 out of 5

    all three holidays have been excellent. Would use the company again.
    10th August 2015

    Belle France: We booked 3 holidays for you so far, two just this year, glad that we are getting it right. Yes you are right, there are just a couple of route notes that come in a different format and this is the case for this holiday. We will be reviewing this for next year.
    Look forward to hearing from you again.

    28th August 2015

    Product (5/5): Super holiday but the maps and instructions were very difficult to follow as they were so small. We picked up the French version of the guide which was slightly easier to read as the font was marginally bigger than the english version but only marginally! Our party feel that a review of the format is required.