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A Rock and a Hard Place…

Experience the hillside town of Rocamadour

A smallholding in Rocamadour cannot hold more than 10 goats per hectare of pasture, probably due to the fact that the whole town sits atop 400m of vertiginous Quercy stone. There is therefore no intensive farming in Rocamadour! 


Enough however to produce the well known (and delicious!) Rocamadour goat’s cheese (which has earned over the years a well deserved AOC). Each cheese takes at least 24 hours to make and is then left to mature for another week. It was made essentially by women and provided them with an additional income, thanks to the world renowned pilgrimage site of the Black Virgin, patron saint of shipwrecked sailors who have been saved) and a staging point to pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostella. Today, the town attracts a large number of visitors, summer and winter.

Explore Rocamadour

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