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Cycling Grades

Exploring France on two wheels is a great way to discover the country's natural beauty. Our self-guided cycling holidays enable you to enjoy the sights at your own pace while your luggage is transferred between hotels for you.

Cycling in Burgundy


Holidays that are graded easy cover around 30 miles per day on terrain that is generally flat, with an occasional ascent.

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These routes cover a distance of up to 35 miles per day and incorporate occasional hills, some of which are steep.

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The cycles take place in rolling countryside and include some steep hills. They require regular gear changes, but routes are continuously cyclable. You’ll cover up to 40 miles per day depending on the terrain.

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Remember that a long flat run on a hot day can be more tiring than a short hill where you can get off and push. Distances between hotels are always shorter in hilly areas and you should not choose a holiday solely on the basis of mileage.

We never suggest really hard routes. But if you do want to cycle the steep mountain path identified on your map, feel free!