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Hôtel Barge - Panache Strasbourg

Hôtel Barge - Panache

Panache is a spacious, 128 feet long hotel barge featuring a stunning sun deck, a social dining and bar area with a piano and 6 double or twin junior suites, accommodating 12 guests. There are six crew, including an on-board chef, to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay aboard.

There are panoramic windows in the saloon bar area and the barge has been finished in a traditional yacht style with brass and mahogany fittings. The large sun deck features a spa pool and an alternate dining area. There are twelve bicycles for guests' use, to explore the scenic towpaths.

All cabins are en suite and have twin handbasins and oversized showers.

Hôtel Barge - Panache


The Master Chef aboard Panache ensures to produce reginal specialities such as -

  • Braised veal in red wine
  • Roasted duck a l'Alsacienne
  • Magret de Canard aux Mirabelles
  • Le Baeckeoffe d'Alsace

You can expect to find wines such as Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pouilly Fume, Reisling Grand Cru and Chablis Premier Cru on the wine list.

The cheeseboard will also feature regional greats such as Tomme Fermier d'Alsace, Munster-géromé, Tomme de Yenne, Mattons, Roussot and Caprice des Dieux.


  • En suite, air-conditioned cabins
  • TV/DVD in cabins
  • Spa pool
  • Bicycles
  • WiFi
  • Sun Deck
  • Telescope
  • CD player/iPod dock


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