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L’Ermitage de Corton Ladoix

L’Ermitage de Corton

The dozen villages between the Côtes de Beaune and Côtes de Nuit enjoy grand crus status and wonderful surroundings. Located in the heart of this region, the 4-star Ermitage de Corton is a wonderful base. The history of the Ermitage de Corton includes a long culinary tradition, taken to the very heights of French gourmet achievement by M. Parra. Now owned by M. and Mme. Chambon, the Ermitage de Corton has renewed its ties with this tradition thanks to its talented chef, Vincent Chirat. 


Prepared using fresh produce from local producers, the menu from Vincent Chirat promises a subtle blend of flavours with a refreshing lack of pretension. The wine list is inspired by the region’s grands crus, of course, but also introduces smaller talented wine producers.

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