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Hôtel Notre-Dame Orcival

Hôtel Notre-Dame

Orcival is a very pretty, small village with an unusual number of hotels for its size, all attracted by the outstanding Romanesque Basilica in the centre of the village square. Hotel Notre Dame is a small, country hotel which stands proudly across the square from the Basilica, serving both the tourist and local communities with delicious food, refreshments and the open hospitality characteristic of this region.

This is a fairly old-fashioned, rural hotel in the sense of the warm, uncomplicated hospitality offered here in the way it probably has been for generations. The place has a country charm about it; from the rustic, heavy dining room furniture, to the deep, generous beds and birdsong that drifts into your room at any time of the day. You will not find minimalist chic here, but a peculiarly French type of warm, cosy decor which includes carpet-type wall coverings through the hall and stairways, it must be very comforting during the hard Auvergne winters no doubt! The friendly bar looks across the beautiful central square of Orcival with the Basilica at its centre. It's amazing to find a building like this at the heart of this very small, rural community, hidden as it is by the steep sides of the valley in which it finds itself. It would more befit a street in Rome and has thus been a centre of pilgrimage for many centuries, striking awe into the heart with its beauty and grandeur. You will really enjoy your two nights here and become very fond of the small community and sorry to leave.


Good local cuisine is served in the hotel's restaurant.


  • Right opposite the village's famous Basilica
  • Large, comfortable, traditional rooms
  • Very warm hospitality


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