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Hôtel Lons Foix

Hôtel Lons

This is a good 3 star hotel, centrally located in the Place Dutilh, facing the River Ariège. The rooms are very comfortable and have good views. To the rear, the view is of the Ariege, and to the front, there are attractive views over the old town. The restaurant is excellent with an enticing range of options on offer. The old town of Foix is well worth exploring and the chateau is one of the region's great sites.


Excellent restaurant with an attractive terrace overlooking the Ariege. Gastronomic highlights might include the buffet de hors-d'œuvre variés, the cassoulet aux haricots de Mazères, la truite du Sabarthès. You may well be tempted by les fromages du Couserans (local cheeses from the Ariegois Pyrénées) or the mouthwatering pâtisseries et flans maison.


  • Excellent 3 star hotel in town centre
  • High quality restaurant with broad choice of menu options
  • Comfortable bedrooms with air-conditioning and WiFi


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