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Hotel le Petit Calbertois St Germain de Calberte

Hotel le Petit Calbertois

Le Petit Calbertois is located about 4 km from Saint-Germain-de-Calberte, at the heart of the Cevennes National Park (720 m altitude). The hotel faces due south overlooking the entire valley, offering wonderful views of the lower Cevennes. Surrounded by chestnut trees and tall pines, it is the ideal place for nature lovers and hikers.The cosy rooms of the hotel offer breathtaking views of the Cevennes valleys. The peace and tranquillity of the location make it an ideal place for a pleasant stay.


Locally sourced food makes for a consistently interesting menu -- local specialities include chestnuts, wild boar, pelardon (a local goat cheese) and honey.Try not to leave without tasting the salad au Pelardon because it is one of the best ways to taste the delicious goat's milk cheese from the mountains. For this special dish, Pelardon is breaded, heated in a thin layer of olive oil and presented on a fresh crispy salad .


  • Two tennis courts
  • Lovely swimming pool - great for a dip at the end of a day's walking
  • Comfortable rooms and a warm welcome
  • Locally sourced food


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