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Hôtel Lameloise Chagny

Hôtel Lameloise

Enjoy the finest cuisine at this elegant 15th century house, situated in the picturesque square of Chagny. This beautiful hotel has been owned for over a hundred years by the Lameloise family. A place in harmony with its surroundings, the hotel is decorated with elegance and discretion. Everything here contributes to an atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease with soft lighting and printed fabrics chosen for every space and every room. Burgundy stone combined with wood and wrought iron is a testament to the history of the building. Sixteen air-conditioned rooms are designed for guest comfort in a refined and neat setting.


The restaurant offers very special culinary delights such as roast pigeon with truffles, and Jacques Lameloise enjoys the highest Michelin rating. The hotel has an exceptional cellar of the best vintage Burgundy wines.

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