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Hôtel La Terrasse - Meyronne Meyronne

Hôtel La Terrasse - Meyronne

This entirely restored feudal chateau is reflected in the waters of the Dordogne river. The castle was converted into a hotel-restaurant in the late 1920s and Francoise and Gilles Liebus have carried on the work in progress by continually improving its comfort, warmth and refinement. Inside, the charm of the past mingles with the comfort of the present. The chateau, with its significant history, is a charming small hotel with just ten rooms and four suites, and a restaurant with a panoramic view. The rooms are decorated in an elegant yet comfortable style, with full bathrooms. There is an outdoor swimming pool set in a shaded, pretty garden and a large terrace.


The chef invites you to taste the regional gastronomy, ever so superb and generous, with the local products selected here for their fresh and natural qualities. Some of the specialities

Sample Menu

  • Foie Gras Tart
  • Home-made Foie Gras
  • Pike or perch roasted with Tarragon
  • Noisette of Quercy Lamb with Juniper Berries
  • Ice-cream Soufflé with Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate Fondant with Nut Cream


  • Panoramic restaurant
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • Mini Bar
  • Air-conditioned


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