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Walking Holidays in the Pyrenees

As part of the largest region of France, the soaring peaks of the Pyrenees mountains provide the perfect setting in which to embark on a more challenging walking holiday. Forming the border between France and northern Spain, and stretching from the Bay of Biscay to the shores of the Mediterranean coast, this beautiful mountain range offers a host of exciting walking opportunities. The two major departments, the Midi-Pyrénées and the Pyrénées Orientales are rich in history and magnificent natural scenery that provide plenty of interest along the way.

Snow-covered peaks

Embarking on a Pyrenees walking holiday is not only rewarding and invigorating, it’s also a challenge that delivers a remarkable sense of wellbeing. Picturesque villages such as Viscos and Hautacam break up the pure white snow and thick forestry of the ascent, while magnificent views of plunging valleys make for a satisfying conclusion to the journey. It’s not only the scenery that makes the walk worthwhile, however; there are plenty of opportunities to witness daily mountain life and meet the welcoming locals.

French Catalonia

Such is the scale of the Pyrenees region and the proximity to neighbouring Spain, the diversity of cultures, scenery, and attractions ensures that a walk through the many areas of south-east France guarantees a disparate array of treasures to explore. The Catalan coast of Roussillon is one such region that is rich in fascination, with the legacy of Catalan influence since the tenth century evident in the identity and language of the people, while quaint fishing villages such as Cadaques recall former glories. 

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