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Walking Holidays in Picardy

History lovers and those with an appreciation of diverse, unspoilt scenery will find a walking holiday in Picardy immensely enjoyable. From the moving war memorials of the Somme to the gently rolling terrain of the countryside, the enchanting shoreline to the Gothic architecture of its towns, the region offers an insight into modern French history that’s unlike any other.

Walking in Picardy

Poignant scenes

As one of the bloodiest conflicts of the First World War, the Battle of the Somme is a harrowing exposition of the horrors of war. Visiting the battlefields on a walking tour provides the chance to experience poignant reminders of this monumental event. Embark on the Remembrance Trail and discover the many military cemeteries of French, German, British Commonwealth, and American soldiers, and cross the battlefields themselves to follow in the footsteps of the brave military men that suffered during the Great War. For a fascinating insight into the events of 1914-1918, visit the Somme 1916 Museum in Albert with its array of exhibitions and items from the period.


The administrative centre of both the Somme department and the Picardy region, Amiens is a beautiful city packed with history, stunning architecture, and a lively, dynamic ambience. A walking tour reveals everything the intriguing destination has to offer, with the undoubted highlight being the majestic Gothic Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the cathedral’s origins date from the 13th century, and it has a lovely aspect over the River Somme. Also of interest is the Municipal Circus, one of the oldest remaining circuses in use today, having been constructed at the end of the 19th century and inaugurated by Jules Verne. 

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