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Cycling Holidays in Picardy

An ideal location for historic exploration and leisurely sightseeing, Picardy offers a number of gentle cycle routes that take in such memorable scenes as the beautiful Bay of the Somme, lush pine forests, and a host of compelling towns and cities.

Bay of the Somme

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding natural splendour, the Bay of the Somme features stunning views across the English Channel, and is defined by its diverse scenery of marshes, dunes, and saltwater meadows. Embarking on a cycling holiday on the Bay of the Somme provides the perfect opportunity to see the migrating birds, coastal flora, and enchanting villages that line the seafront.

Cycle routes here also take in thick pine forests that provide a backdrop to the coast and the longest stretch of sand dunes in northern Europe, which possess a unique quality that imparts a sense of quiet admiration.

Grand architecture

Whilst Picardy’s 70 km coastline provides the chance to see nature at its finest, heading further inland reveals the region’s majestic architecture and rich heritage. From the magnificent Gothic architecture of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady in Amiens, to the castles of the Middle Ages such as Rambures, the region features powerful links to its past. Carrying visitors to towns and villages, and through the rolling scenery that has borne witness to so much history, a cycling holiday in Picardy is truly unmissable. 

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