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Urban adventures in the City of Light

The celebrated capital of France, city of romance, fashion and artistic prowess, Paris is known the world over as a sophisticated and magical destination. It’s almost impossible to walk its streets without spotting a famous landmark or thinking of cultural icons: Montmartre proudly bears both the Sacré Coeur and associations with some of art’s elite – Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Dalí; Luxembourg Gardens and Notre Dame, both beautiful in themselves, also conjure images of Victor Hugo’s most famous characters; the Rue Cambon cannot be walked without recalling Coco Chanel.

The combination of glamour and grandeur is enticing, and made all the more so by the city’s reputation for great food. From boutique chocolatries and patisseries to Michelin starred restaurants, visitors are never far away from an exquisite meal or specialist treat. Away from the main tourist spots, Paris’ hidden secrets are a joy to stumble upon – tucked-away courtyards and garden cafés, lesser known art museums and unknown shops all add to the city’s mystery and character.

A fabulous place to explore on foot or cycling, a trip to Paris can be tailored to provide the best of everything – sightseeing, fine dining and even perhaps a chocolate or wine tasting.

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