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Cycling Holidays in Limousin

Small in size, but grand in stature, the province of Limousin is a paradise for those in search of nature, history, and relaxation. As one of the smallest – and least populated – regions of France, Limousin is unencumbered by the burdens of busy day-to-day living, instead basking in the natural beauty of a location that remains all but undiscovered by the French and tourists alike. Set in the foothills of the Massif Central mountain range of south-west France, this is a destination that offers cycling trails for all abilities, with fast-flowing streams and undulating landscapes ready for exploration.

Explore rolling countryside

There’s no denying that a cycling holiday in Limousin is an opportunity to find the traditional French life that travellers expect to see. Isolated in the foothills of the Massif Central, locals continue to follow a pace of life that suits them, taking the time to enjoy the surroundings in a relaxed manner. For a cycle tour that reveals quintessential towns and villages, passes through verdant countryside and follows the trail of flowing rivers, all complemented by the peace and quiet that comes from isolation, few options compare to exploring Limousin on two wheels. Discover the wooded Perigord-Limousin Natural Park of the Haute-Vienne region for an experience of true French heritage among spectacular scenes.

Grand châteaux

Medieval towns and villages can be visited on a cycling tour through Limousin, each revealing the heritage and pace of life that are synonymous with traditional France. For something a little grander, visit some of the châteaux dotted across the region. Simply selecting a direction to cycle will almost certainly lead to one of these opulent structures, with many dating from the 11th century and each featuring a rich history. Best-known, perhaps, is the Château de Chalus-Chabrol – the final resting place of Richard the Lionheart. 

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