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Walking Holidays in the Dordogne

With plunging, verdant valleys dwarfed by dramatic peaks, and winding rivers edged by quaint villages, the Dordogne is a region that naturally attracts walkers. This is a destination that evokes a bygone era, where rural living and a relaxed pace of life are embraced by locals and visitors alike. Walking trails uncover the best the region has to offer and, with more than 1,500 castles dotted around the area, there is no shortage of fascinating sights to discover when travelling on foot. 

Medieval charms

A walking holiday in Dordogne reveals a world of historic villages and medieval castles, structures that have endured for centuries and which enjoy commanding views of the surrounding landscapes. Historic trails follow paths that have been walked for over a thousand years, and enchanting towns such as Sarlat – the medieval capital of the Dordogne – present an extensive network of picture-perfect streets to discover. The Vezere Valley, meanwhile, offers a glimpse of prehistoric man in the Dordogne, and guarantees a fascinating expedition into the heart of the region. 

River walks and country air

The Dordogne province does, of course, share its name with the river that cuts through the heart of the region, and it’s the walking paths that follow this winding course that unveil scenes of exceptional beauty. With much of the Dordogne rich with lush, fertile land, a gentle stroll is certain to reward. While the verdant green fields and charming towns and villages will almost certainly inspire visiting hikers, the stunning cliff faces that line the meandering river present the perfect opportunity to savour spectacular views that only nature could create. 

The entire Dordogne region represents a source of wonder for travellers. Discover the perfect combination of history, nature, and charm on a walking holiday and create unique and lasting memories of the area.

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