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Walking Holidays in Charente

Perched on the western coast of France, Charente enjoys the prestige of being one of the country’s most popular regions for tourists. As a destination for those embarking on a walking holiday, Charente offers much to see and do, whether it’s strolling along seafront promenades or heading further inland following the course of the River Charente. Discover this region of classical charm on a number of walking trails, each of which epitomises a journey into French life.

A taste of Cognac

Rich in medieval fortifications and Romanesque architecture, the town of Cognac is as refined as the drink to which it lends its name. Set in the heart of Charente and between the towns of Angouleme and Saintes, Cognac’s riverside setting and reputation for production of high-quality brandy attracts tourists year after year. A walking tour involving visits to the town’s Cognac houses – including such iconic names as Hennessy – provides an eye-opening insight into the distillation process, and offers a chance to to experience masters of the trade at work.

Coastal charms

Gazing lazily out to sea from the sands of unspoilt beaches is temptation enough for any traveller, but with superb cuisine and historic monuments to explore, the coast of Charente offers much for hikers looking to discover more than sandy shores. From laid back towns such as La Rochelle and the historic port town of Brouage to offshore islands rich in character, there is plenty to interest the curious traveller.

The region of Charente is blessed with charm for fans of both country scenery and coastal splendour. Discovering Charente on a walking tour is to understand why it has captivated travellers of repute for centuries. 

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