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Cuisine of Champagne

With Champagne inextricably linked to the highly esteemed sparkling wines produced hereit’s essential that the region offers suitable fare as an accompaniment. While some may consider Champagne to be best enjoyed alone, enabling the rich flavours of the drink to be enjoyed without distraction, there remains a rich selection of gastronomic choices to savour when visiting the region. 

Meats and fish

Dining in Champagne often involves tucking into meat and fish produce that is delicious and filling, such as Agneau à la Champenoise, a stuffed shoulder of lamb accompanied by tomatoes. Other favourites include game dishes like wild boar, pheasant, and guinea fowl, while meals prepared with ham, salami, and barbecued andouillete from Troyes provide a taste of traditional Champagne flavours.
Equally as delicious are the fish and seafood dishes available throughout the region. From crayfish and trout to oysters and caviar, there is something to appeal to all palates.

Cheese products

It wouldn’t be France without a wide selection of local cheeses on offer and Champagne’s produce includes such delights as Langres, which dates from the 18th century and goes through a long ripening process. With a strong aroma and a salty taste, it is the perfect accompaniment to a bubbling glass of Champagne. 
Chaource has an even greater heritage and has been available from the town of the same name since the 14th century. Produced in miniature wheels and having a creamy taste, it’s an elegant choice that rounds off a hearty mean and complements the fine glasses of sparkling wine that it is so commonly served alongside. 


The legacy of wine and Champagne production throughout the region has few peers, and it remains a fact to this day that the most auspicious sparkling wine labels originate in the area. From Bollinger to Krug, Tattinger to Laurent Perrier, the culture of wine production throughout Champagne means that no visit to the region would be complete without experiencing the flavours and aromas of some of the finest wineries history has known.