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Cuisine of the Cevennes

French cuisine enjoys a prestige and reverence typically only reserved for works of art. Such is the rich array of flavours, dishes, and specialities available across the nation, plus an abundance of local produce of international acclaim, diners are never found stuck for gastronomic choice. Cevennes fare, though simpler than in other regions, sees local produce cooked to perfection making for homely yet delicious dishes.  

Local flavourings

With its remote setting high among the Massif Central in southern France, much of the cuisine of Cevennes is crafted around the produce grown and reared in the area. Among the most widely used ingredients in dishes from the region is the Oignon Doux des Cevennes – the sweet onion of the Cevennes. With AOC certification, the sweet onion cultivated in the Gard is classed as a premium category onion, adding a soft, subtle, and delicious flavour to any dish. 

Chestnut groves

The thick forestry of Cevennes represents the breeding ground for one of the region’s foremost treats – sweet chestnuts. The traditional Bajana soup dish of Cevennes, for example, is the ideal winter warmer, with the addition of vegetables and milk making it a rich and hearty meal. Chestnuts are also ground to make flour, which is used in traditional chestnut bread.  

Cevennes honey

A suitable for topping for chestnut bread is the honey of Cevennes. Beekeeping in the region has been and integral part of life over the years, and Cevennes honey is distinct in both appearance and flavour. Its dark colouring gives way to a strong flavour and intense aroma, while the chestnut honey that’s also available is a local speciality much sought after around the world. 

Cheese and wine

A selection of cheese and wine provides a full flavoured and unique climax to dining in the region. The Cevennes Pelardon goat’s cheese is produced exclusively in the area, with tradition stating that the goats used for production must be fed on land surrounding chestnut trees to provide the distinctive taste. For wine, locally produced Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Grenache prove the perfect accompaniment to any dining experience.