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Burgundy cuisine

With an unprecedented reputation for wine production and gastronomic flair that promises to ignite the taste buds, Burgundy is one of the most enviable regions of France for those who seek the sublime. From high class, Michelin-starred gourmet dining to the food markets of Dijon, the culinary charm of Burgundy offers a truly diverse dining experience.

Beef bourguignon

Famous dishes

A number of internationally acclaimed dishes have their origins among the towns and cities of Burgundy. Arguably the most famous is beef bourguignon: braised beef stewed in the eponymous red wine of the region and flavoured with garlic, onions, cubed bacon and mushrooms for a rich and delicious taste. Having originated as a peasant dish, the recipe was refined over time to create a dish that is today considered to be haute cuisine in restaurants around the globe.

Equally well renowned is coq au vin, which is reputed to date from ancient Gaul and the time of Caesar. Of course, a number of lesser-known local dishes are ready for discovery too, with the high standards set by the abundance of premium restaurants ensuring that every meal is a delight to be savoured. 

Sweet delights

As divine as the delicacies of Burgundy may be, every diner has a penchant for something sweet to conclude a meal. With the pain d’epices de Dijon, the locals of Burgundy have perfected an ancient recipe of sweet gingerbread and created a biscuit that enjoys bestselling status around the globe. For confectionary of equal acclaim, the aniseed-flavoured anis de Flavigny and the chocolates of La Clayette represent masterpieces of craftsmanship, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

A glass of Burgundy

Cheese and wine

Whether as an evening treat or a guilty daytime pleasure, savouring the cheese and wine of Burgundy means savouring tradition. Legend has is that the Epoisses de Bourgogne from the Cote-d’Or dates from the start of the 16th century, being made by Cistercian monks at Citeaux Abbey, and uses unpasteurised milk for a soft, smooth texture. The cheese is held in such reverence that it has been referred to as the ‘king of all cheeses.”

When it comes to wine, Burgundy is one of France’s – and thus, the world’s – finest production regions. Some of the most iconic wines originate from the vineyards and appellations here, with the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes being used in the creation of a selection of prestigious wines. Experience classic labels as Gevrey Chambertin and Puligny Montrachet, and discover why the reputation for excellence in wine production is bestowed upon the region.