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A land of dramatic coastline and Celtic history

One of France’s most distinctive regions, Brittany boasts miles of dramatic coastline marked with countless coves, rugged rocks and splendid beaches. From the jagged inlets of the Emerald Coast to the white sands of the Quiberon peninsula, it’s a smorgasbord of shape and colour that cannot fail to delight the senses. Attractive little fishing villages shelter bright boats and bustling cafés serve locally caught seafood and delicious sweet crêpes. Inland, country roads wind through carefully tilled farmland, dense forests and apple orchards, the produce from which is used to make the area’s renowned cider.

Celtic history permeates the Breton culture and landscape – Arthurian legend is as strong here as it is in the UK and the numerous festivals of traditional folk art, music and dance in the charming towns celebrate ancient Celtic influences on Breton culture. The region also has its share of castles, manor houses and ornate churches waiting to be explored, as well as the mysterious and famous pre-historic standing stones at Carnac.

Presenting a truly unique experience, Brittany is a gem that enables the unhurried walker or cyclist to discover an ancient and fascinating side to northern France.

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