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Ardennes cuisine

Gourmet cuisine and delicious wines are synonymous with the Ardennes, with the locally reared meat and game sourced from the forests of this northern French region providing a taste of tradition. Plus, with the Champagne-Ardenne region renowned for the production of world-famous sparkling wines, each and every meal during a visit to the area guarantees a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Boudin Blanc

Local meats

The forests of the Ardennes region have been a rich source of produce for culinary experts for centuries. The rivers teem with fish, while the wild boar, deer, duck, and partridge of the area are all incorporated into local dishes. One of the most popular meat dishes, however, originates in the small town of Rethel. The boudin blanc – or white sausage – of Rethel is a favourite of local diners, with the delicate preparation of these bloodless sausages reserved for experienced butchers. Often served with roasted potatoes or with local truffles and mushrooms, the boudin blanc is as unique and authentic a dish as can be experienced throughout the Ardennes.

Biscuits Roses de Reims

The city of Reims has a legacy for playing an integral role in the history of France and the monarchy, but the cuisine of the region is less well known. That said, the Biscuits Roses de Reims are the perfect sweet treat to accompany a glass of sparkling Champagne or as a light snack. Developed by Fossier’s Confectioners in the 18th century, the company retains the secret recipe for this delicacy and enjoys the exclusivity of producing the sweet cookie famous for its pink hue and crunchy consistency.

Vegetable stew

With the Ardennes forming part of the Champagne Ardenne region of France, the presence of the Champagne Joute vegetable stew in the eateries of the area is no surprise. This rich dish features local smoked ham, bacon, and cockerel, as well as the vegetables sourced from local markets, and provides a hearty option all year round, especially when accompanied by potatoes and a glass of sparkling Champagne.


A visit to Ardennes would be incomplete without sampling one of the sparkling wines from the Champagne-Ardenne region. Renowned globally as being among the foremost sparkling wines available, the names of some of wine houses are synonymous with luxury and refinement. Experience the very best of Jacquart, Taittinger and Mercier, and enjoy a taste of everyday life in this most enchanting region of northern France.