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Why choose a single centre holiday?

A relaxing break at Moulin du Chemin

The nature of a single-centre holiday is that guests unpack at the beginning of the holiday and repack at the end, without the need for daily repacking and unpacking.

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Guests have time to become well acquainted with the local area, and of course the local characters. Guests at le Moulin du Chemin are appreciated in the local community as a cultural asset, without doubt this is preferable to being regarded as another mere tourist.

Guests at le Moulin du Chemin

Groups with different interests can holiday together with opportunities for walking, cycling, horse riding, birdwatching or simply relaxing. There are many local sites of natural, historic and cultural interest. Group members can reunite at breakfast, for relaxing during the day or for the popular 'aperitifs-at-seven.'

Le Moulin’s 'en-famille' evening meals are wonderful, with familiar faces (at least after the first few hours) at one table, enjoying great food, wine and conversation. A different seating plan is proposed each evening and unobtrusive care is taken to ensure that each individual feels included.

If fatigue should starts to occur, the selection of easy, moderate and more-difficult itineraries provides routes that can be chosen (or modified) to suit the occasion – your hosts are always available to help you. Otherwise, guests can take a break and visit some of the local places of cultural, historical and natural interest, or just chill-out by the pool.

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