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The legend of Mont Sainte Odile


According to legend, Sainte Odile was born blind and rejected by her father the Duke of Alsace (who wanted a boy!). Brought to Beaumes les Dames in Burgundy and raised by local peasants, she recovered her sight after her baptism at the age of 12, performed by an itinerant bishop in a local monastery.

Fleeing from her father, she took refuge in a cave. The legend says the cliff face opened up to rescue her from her plight. Her father followed her but was injured by falling rocks. She later refused a marriage which he had arranged and eventually founded a monastery that she governed until her death in 720. She has since become the Patron Saint of the Vosges. A source that flows at the bottom of Sainte Odile's monastery is said to have miraculous properties for curing afflictions of the eye.

Mont Sainte Odile