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Taking it slowly

How a new lifestyle movement is affecting our holidays

Today’s society hardly has time for anything, it all moves at such a fast pace, everything is getting faster. Instant meals, high speed broadband, we no longer have time to wait for anything. Even exercise routines are being crammed into high intensity seven minute workouts.

However, there’s a new movement that’s sweeping the world, with many people rebelling against the speed that dominates our lives and taking up the concept of slow living. It’s a lifestyle which encourages taking time to savour what’s around us and slow down, whether that’s eating, spending time with the family, or even travel.

This concept allows a person to re-connect with the environment, and step off the helter skelter of their life and remember who they are and where they are. Holidays are a perfect example of how slow living can really benefit your health and wellbeing.

Slow holidays aren’t hectic, and people that go on them don’t feel like they need a holiday when they return. They allow holidaymakers to take the time to drink in their environment, enjoy food and drink at their leisure and really feel rested.

We love this idea of a slow holiday, and truly believe that all of our holidays fit into this category. Whether on a bike, walking or sailing down the river, the pace of travel is slow, luxurious and good for the soul. So if this sounds like the idea of a perfect holiday to you, here are our recommendations for a slow holiday:

Gascony Canal Cruise

Barge hotel Rosa

What could be more idyllic and slow than cruising from Toulouse to Agen on a river boat. The onboard chef will prepare delicious fresh, local specialties while you visit the sites of Donzac and Auvillar at your leisure, and simply take in the beauty of Gascony’s countryside.

Grand Vins de Bordeaux

Bordeaux wine corks

A leisurely stroll through the prestigious vineyards of Bordeaux, a perfect way to not only experience the beautiful region, but also to take your time and sample the food and, of course, wines on offer. Visit the towns of St Emilion, Saint-Macaire and Sauternes with incredible views and châteaux along the way.

Périgord Vert en Vélo

Brantome, Perigord

This holiday you will cycle through the beautiful wooded Périgord-Limousin Natural Park, enjoy ancient châteaux and stay in the incredible Moulin du Roc restaurant. It’s a fantastic holiday to ensure you enjoy the best of France’s nature, food and drink. A perfect slow holiday.

If this pace of holiday sounds like it could be your thing, then we can help with choosing the right slow itinerary for you, giving you the time you need to relax, enjoy your surroundings and spend time with friends and family. Just give us a call on +44 (0)1580 214 010 and we’ll plan it all for you, nothing about our Belle France holidays are stressful or hectic, we can guarantee that!

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