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New Year’s Resolution broken already?

Don’t beat yourself up – take a foodie holiday to the capital of gastronomy

Almost half of people who start the New Year with a resolution have broken it by the end of January, well, it is depressing going on a diet, right?

Almost half of people who start the New Year with a resolution have broken it by the end of January, well, it is depressing going on a diet, right?

So if you are one of those people, then don’t worry about it, you aren’t in the minority! Reading this blog post is probably not going to help, as we’re talking gastronomy and holidays…sorry!

If you are a foodie, then have you considered visiting Lyon? Did you know that it’s been proclaimed as the capital of gastronomy, and has been so for many years?

But why Lyon?

Well for starters, Lyon has one of the highest concentrations of restaurants per capita in the whole of France. There are over 1,500 different places to eat in the city, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Lyon is guilty of producing some of the highest quality cuisine in France.

Lyon is very lucky where it’s located, right in the midst of other regions where fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, cheese and wine are produced, and with its reputation, these products seem to gravitate their way to Lyon to end up on restaurant tables all throughout the city!

Explore Lyon

It has a number of markets, especially the renowned indoor market Les Halles de Lyon, where some of the best regional suppliers display their wares, and you can even grab something to eat and drink here too. Other markets are also well-known within the city, and many tourists include a trip here as part of their sightseeing.

But Lyon isn’t just famous for being a base for produce from other parts of France. It too, is known for its own food and recipes. In the same way that Toulouse is known for its sausages, Lyon too, is known for certain food specialities.

A bouchon in Lyon

On a typical Lyon menu, you will be able to find a variety of Lyonnaise saucissons, quenelles (creamed fish), smoky pork sausage with pistachios, followed by one of the famous praline tarts Lyon is famous for.

Lyon is also home to a type of restaurant that is unique to the city – called bouchons. A bouchon is typically a family-run bistro type of establishment, which serves homemade food, delicious recipes passed down through the generations which are local to Lyon. They are a historical feature which are said to have begun when people served food to the local silk workers.

Did you know that there is a meal that separate to breakfast, lunch and dinner which is unique to Lyon?

Again, linking to the history of the city and its silk workers, mâchon is a meal which is served before lunchtime (from about 9am!). It is a big meal (three courses!), historically served to the workers on their way home from the night shift. Now, the tradition is still present, and there are even organisations dedicated to preserving this meal.

Now, Lyon is also home to many famous chefs and cooks, which also adds to its reputation and title of being the capital of gastronomy. There are a disproportionately large number of Michelin stars in the city, over 13, in fact. It is also home to the famous French chef Paul Bocuse, who has been titled as the Pope of French cuisine.

Phew! Add to that, one of the biggest culinary trade fairs, bringing together THE best in the hospitality industry to network, showcasing latest recipes, trends and food, and there you have it. Lyon has officially got the crown for gastronomy!!

So with all that in mind, there’s no way you can be on a diet if you visit Lyon!

The ‘Via Rhona’ cycle route

Now, as you know we are keen foodies here at Belle France, and we have developed a holiday which starts south of Lyon, a 5 day cycling tour which forms part of the ‘Via Rhona’ cycle route, designed specifically for those interested in great food and wine in addition to the nature and scenery of the region.

As part of the itinerary, you will visit local vineyards and even a chocolate museum! Together with gourmet meals and beautiful accommodation, it really is a must for anyone with food on the brain!

Please get in touch with our team, and we can help you craft the perfect holiday to tickle your tastebuds.

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