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La Belle Paris!

Eiffel Tower

Whoever said Paris is gorgeous in the springtime got it dead right - after 2 cold days Saturday and Sunday during Easter weekend, the sun came out and there was nowhere else I would have rather been. Paris dazzles in the sunlight now that most of its beautiful stone buildings have been restored and it is so easy to travel around. The distances on foot are not big and the Metro is incredibly frequent and fast.

Montmartre by night

So why was I there? Belle France has created 3 new Paris-based holidays offering a variety of very Parisian activities and I thought I should check all of them out in person - tough job etc..

Over 3 days, I took a cycle tour from the Tour Eiffel to the Louvre, visited a delightful Cuisiniere in her Paris home (you can go market shopping and cook with her there), had a personal tour of the Cluny Museum to discover Medieval and Roman Paris, had a tour of France by wine in Louis XV's cellars (the best way!), scooted up the Champs Elysee on a 2CV tour, met an American in Paris (our expert photographer who will take you to the best shots of Paris day and night), took a walking tour of the Latin Quarter from The Pantheon to Notre Dame and travelled up 56 floors to the top of the Tour Montparnasse to look down on everything I had done. It was fantastic!!

I needed the 3 wonderful meals at Le Buissson Ardent, Un Zebre a Montmartre and Le Coupe-Chou just for a sit down! We recommend that our clients might like to choose which of these activities they would like to do the most and take them at their own , perhaps more leisurely pace. And we have found the peaceful haven you would want to stay in with its own pretty courtyard garden and delightfully romantic bedrooms.

So if you ever wondered how much fun you can have in Paris in 3 days, then answer is LOTS! I know, I've done it!