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Icons - How it works

A new blog series to find out who you think is France's greatest icon

Following the successes of BBC's Icons eight-part series, we're launching our very own Icons project to find out who you, the audience, think is France's greatest icon.

Over the next few weeks we'll be publishing six blogs, each covering a different field of human excellence. At the end of each blog, you'll be able to vote for your favourite.

The icon who wins the public vote in each category will then go through to an ultimate vote. You'll be able to vote once again to decide who is ultimately the greatest figure in French history.

The Categories

Six blogs will be devoted to six different categories of human excellence including:

The Criteria

We've narrowed down our longlist to just four icons representing each category. We feel each of the selected figures meet the following criteria: legacy, achievement & contribution, impact, influence, iconic status.

    Our selected icons span not just recent times but throughout France's turbulent history.


    You are in control. You decide who is crowned an icon. 

    Over the next few weeks we'll be posting a series of blogs, each focused on a different category. We'll give you some history and facts about our selected figures and at the end you get to vote on who you think is the ultimate icon in each category.

    You can choose just one figure and you can only vote once in each category.

    Once we've blogged each of the seven categories, we'll close the voting and add all the winners of each category into the grand final. You'll then be able to vote for who you would like to be crowned France's ultimate icon.


    You'll be able to vote for your ultimate icons from the following dates:

    Leaders - 20th February

    Entertainers - 22nd February

    Artists & Writers - 25th February

    Scientists & Inventors - 1st March

    Fashion Designers - 4th March

    Sports Stars - 8th March

    Voting will close for all categories on 13th March.

    Ultimate icon: The Final - 15th March

    Your ultimate French icon will be announced shortly after.