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Enjoy holidays at your own pace

Why slow pace holidays are good for the soul

Do you ever come back from a holiday needing a holiday? Rushing about from sight to sight, trying to cram as much as you can in the time you have in order to see everything isn’t exactly relaxing.

Added to that, before you go, you’re trying to get everything done – it can feel like it’s more hassle than it’s worth!

Family time, too easily gets put aside with today’s hectic life and work schedules, with long working hours and weekends full of hobbies and catching up on chores, that sometimes a holiday can be the only time you properly catch up and spend time with your loved ones.

Have you ever come across the concept of slow travel? It’s a specific type of holiday which prioritises the holidaymaker’s wellbeing, slowing down everything so that people have more time to take in what they are seeing, time to sit back and just relax.

More people than ever are seeking out these types of holidays, and who can blame them?

Holidays which allow a sense of connection, both with the people you are travelling with, but also the environment around you is helping holidaymakers to truly relax, get back to basics and learn to appreciate what they have. Typically, the mode of transport is also slow, slower paced holidays include walking, cycling and river barging, so nothing feels rushed. It’s a chance to really immerse into the culture, and emphasis is given to the senses and experiences, kind of going with the flow.

Here at Belle France, we’ve developed a number of slower paced holidays which allow you to do just that. Although still on the move every day, the itineraries have been put together to focus on the holidaymaker giving them time to escape from the everyday stresses, and unwind, properly. We’ve allocated time for you to take everything in and not miss a thing.

Here is a selection of slower paced holidays which may tempt you, if you are looking for some proper time away.

Périgord Prestige à Pied

Brantome Our newest slow paced holiday for 2017, this walk through the Dordogne region follows the River Dronne calling at pretty medieval villages and abbeys, even canoeing, and enjoying luxurious and characterful accommodation and exquisite food.

Holiday highlights:

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Loire Prestige en Vélo

Château de Cheverny This cycling tour through the Loire Valley gives you ample time to visit some of the old towns, and stay in famous châteaux and enjoy Michelin starred restaurants. A definite one to treat all the senses. You’ll cycle between castles and vineyards, and enjoy the best this region has to offer in terms of sights and produce.

Holiday highlights:

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Golden Islands

Côte d’Azur Walking along the coastline of the Côte d’Azur has to be one of the most relaxing parts of France. Amazing untouched nature, wonderful coastal views, and trips to two Golden islands in the Mediterranean will really blow the cobwebs away. Wonderful seafood to eat and wine to drink, this really is the closet to paradise.

Holiday highlights:

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This is just a selection of our slower paced holidays, if you’d like to view the range click here, or get in touch with us, and we can help you create a bespoke trip.

Slow Paced Holidays