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Dijon International Gastronomy Fair

What’s on the menu

We all know the French love good food. Make that sensational food. But, in Burgundy where many (and not just Burgundians) would say the finest of the finest flavours, ingredients and techniques are melded together into the world’s best cuisine, they have kept up an annual festival of all things gastronomic for 87 years now.

What’s going on? This is the pre-eminent celebration of all things gastronomic, drawing crowds from all over the world, all in search of new ideas, new flavours, new approaches and new ways of adding interest to our plates. And, yes, also championing the traditional as well.

The vast halls will be jam-packed with exhibitors of all descriptions. There will be geographic regions keen to showcase their unique culinary offerings, and regional producers specialising in foie gras, duck-based ingredients, chocolate, crêpes, olives, nougat, escargots, paella, charcuterie, speciality flours, speciality vinegars. In fact, chances are that any culinary product awarding itself the prefix ‘speciality’ will be there. And, it goes without saying, lots and lots of cheese, bien sûr.

Food demonstration from the Gastronomy Fair 2016

Rest assured, there will be everything to do with wine. Not just wines from all corners of France, well known and otherwise, but all manner of kit to store your wine, to maintain your cellar, to ensure correct temperatures.

And other alcoholic beverages will be on display too. Rum from Réunion in the French Caribbean, Pineau des Charentes, Normandy ciders, a range of Cognacs, Armagnacs, Champagne houses, producers of Cassis liqueur and more.

Of course they will not forget the fact that everyone believes that, with the help of a new gadget, they cannot fail to produce incredible food. To this end, there will be gadgets that whisk and whizz, chop and blend, peel and press, the like of which you will not have seen before. 

There will be kitchen implements made of bamboo, olive wood, stainless steel, silicon and ceramic, all designed to seduce you into believing you can raise your game, simply by taking one home. The trick then, of course, is to actually use it, more than once, and not find it languishing unused at the back of the drawer six months later. 

So if you fancy experiencing the lip smacking spectacle of 200,000 French jostling to outdo eachother in the gastronomy stakes, head to Dijon this November.

At a glance

1-12 November 2017 

580 exhibitors 

200,000 visitors

Parc des Expositions, Boulevard de Champagne

Spotlight on….

Each year a country is invited as a special guest, allowing it to showcase its own culinary excellence and present its gastronomy to a French audience, demonstrating its own craftsmanship, specialities and traditions. This year Vietnam is the guest of honour, bringing a real flavour of the Asia to rural France.

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